Brine leasing ­– the sustainable way to save costs

The oil industry is familiar with leasing specialised tools, equipment and drilling rigs as a cost-efficient way of accessing high-value well construction technologies. Cabot Specialty Fluids (CSF) has extended this popular business model by providing the industry with the high-value well construction fluid, cesium formate brine, on leasing terms. Under this award-winning scheme, CSF lends clients an agreed volume of cesium formate brine in return for a daily or monthly leasing fee. The total cost to the client is the sum of three items:

  1. Leasing fee, which depends on the volume and density of the brine, and the time the brine is made available to the client.
  2. Any loss of brine value while it is consigned to the client.
  3. The cost of safe disposal of any oil and solid contaminants recovered from the brine during reclamation.
Leasing saves costs – as 80 to 90% of brine is usually reclaimed, chemical consumption and waste are significantly reduced

Over the past 13 years, CSF has leased cesium formate brine to over 280 well construction and intervention projects around the world.

Why lease?
  • It is significantly cheaper to temporarily lease a high-value product like cesium formate brine than to buy it outright.

  • Chemical leasing encourages better chemical management and saves costs.

  • Both the supplier and the client have a common interest in reducing chemical consumption and waste production.

  • It’s a sustainable solution. Recovery, reclamation and reuse of cesium formate brine reduce chemical consumption and minimise waste. In normal circumstances, 80-90% of brine volume is recovered through reclamation.

  • Responsibility for the management of the chemical remains with the chemical supplier, allowing the client to focus on core activities.

UN recognition

The United Nations International Development Organisation (UNIDO) is committed to reducing unnecessary consumption of finite chemical resources. Encouraging innovative concepts, such as leasing, which supports sustainable chemical management, is integral to UNIDO’s Green Industry initiative. UNIDO has established that chemical leasing helps companies reduce chemical consumption, improves relationships with stakeholders and raises economic performance.

In 2010, Cabot Specialty Fluids received a chemical leasing award from UNIDO for its pioneering brine leasing programme. Read the full story here.

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